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Our Story

We are Kevin and Bri and are based in Denver, Colorado. After meeting in Amsterdam 8 years ago, our passion for travel grew and so did our desire to create. With a little bit of talent and a whole lot of tenacity, the joy of photography and filmmaking turned into our full-time job. Over the years, we’ve grown a presence on social media, which has given us opportunities such as working with resorts and brands, while keeping the same creative freedom and sense of adventure that sparked all of this in the first place.


After getting our foot in the door, things have evolved to high end commercial work, where our knowledge of producing quality content can really shine through on a professional level.


Given our extensive experience in the mountains and outdoors, we enjoy the challenges we’ve been faced with in the backcountry. We believe it’s given them the grit and perseverance we have, which is applied to our business every single day. Working in bone chilling conditions at 14,000 ft. with frost on our cameras is nothing out of the ordinary. This alone allows for improvisation skills on other assignments where lighting, weather, and shooting conditions are less than ideal. Not to mention, being able to be on our feet for 12 hour days. We excel when it comes to problem solving in the field because our work rarely takes place in a perfectly lit studio. We know that real life conditions are out of their control, which is where the true knowledge of our craft really shines through.


During event coverage, we love having the opportunity to capture moments. It’s so much more than clicking a button. It’s predicting those special moments that are coming. The laughs, the serious conversations, the joy and even the seriousness. It’s such a modern day privilege to be able to freeze moments in time and look back on them, again and again.


With that being said, we truly know that no two clients are the same and we are here to make sure that together, we get you and your brand everything you need!


We can’t wait to connect!

K & B
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